Diagnoses Treated

I had experienced BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) a few times before Sarah’s assistance but I did not know what it was.  After several weeks, it would go away and I assumed I’d had a virus.  It then returned with a vengeance, causing severe nausea whenever I rolled over or suddenly looked up.  

Via [videoconferencing], in the comfort of our home, Sarah was able to determine that I had BPPV and that there was treatment.  With great patience, she was able to guide my husband and myself as we went through the maneuvers to determine which ear was affected and how to treat it.  

Sarah was very compassionate and contacted us frequently to confirm progress and repeat the maneuvers if necessary.  She also e-mailed exercises aimed to lessen the impact and frequency of reoccurrence.  

I have now been vertigo free for over a year although I expect that BPPV will reoccur but have the assurance that help is just ‘a [videoconference] away’
— Nell G.
Before working with Sarah, I thought I had to just live with dizziness but Sarah taught me so much about how to live without dizziness.
— James M.
I recently had my first experience video conferencing with Sarah from The Dizzy Clinic. Her website is easy to use, which was good, since I’m not very tech savvy. We connected at the time set for our appointment.

Sarah listened patiently to my vertigo history and asked pertinent questions. She explained what actually happens in the inner ear when one experiences vertigo. This was very helpful, since I really had not understood it very well before. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. I felt very comfortable during our video conferencing.

I highly recommend Sarah and The Dizzy Clinic to anyone who has problems with vertigo or dizziness.
— Maria V